A Warm Welcome

Welcome to the Veterans Legal Assistance Foundation (“VLAF”) website. We hope this is a place where Canadian veterans – as well as their families and their lawyers – will visit to apply for funding or simply to stay current on veterans’ rights.  

While the website is new, the fund was announced in 2013 in conjunction with the SISIP LTD Class Action settlement, and made official when the VLAF was established on January 15, 2016. A donation of $1 million was made by firms that received fees in the settlement – McInnes Cooper and Branch MacMaster. 

Since then, the foundation has helped many veterans pursue their claims. Now the VLAF wants to do more by communicating with veterans and their communities, and by raising additional funds to ensure even more support is possible. 

If you are a veteran who needs legal help with your claim for benefits, or a lawyer prepared to assist such veterans, the VLAF is here to help.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Sandra Goodwin
Executive Director, VLAF