Veterans Need Access to Justice

• Since 2016, VLAF paid out a total of more than $300,000, made up of legal bills from 36 veterans.

• An additional $40,000 is earmarked for cases currently underway.

• 300+ additional veterans have been helped through individual advice, support, and counselling calls.

More and more veterans have asked VLAF for lawyers who are familiar with their needs. Since 2002, MDLO has been serving the military and police communities, civilians, as well as veterans and military families. MDLO’s focus and experience in this area of law is significant.

We have witnessed the results of MDLO’s years of dedication representing veterans, and we are thrilled to offer this streamlined approach to ensure the best results for veterans and their families across Canada.

MDLO has helped hundreds of veterans over the years, regardless of location in Canada, dozens of whom have had their cases supported by VLAF funding.