Q: How will I know if I qualify?

If you meet the definition of a veteran by Veterans Affairs Canada, and if you have a legal matter involving a disability claim that has been denied, or a similar issue affecting veterans broadly, you should apply.

Q: What if I already have a lawyer or law firm, or wish to seek my own lawyer or law firm?

We recommend an intake call whereby we can refer to you to MDLO because of their focus representing military and RCMP veterans and their families – on the types of cases VLAF supports. However, we also strongly support a person’s right to choose their legal counsel. If you wish to be represented by a different law firm, we will be pleased to receive a funding request from your chosen firm, and ensure a fair assessment by applying the same criteria applied to all legal funding requests.

Q: How long will I have to wait for an answer?

Our Board members will endeavour to assess legal funding requests within three weeks of receipt, and otherwise provide prompt responses in alignment with appeal deadlines imposed by government bodies.

Q: Is this geared towards low-income individuals only?

Not necessarily. While personal means will be considered, the Board members will be looking at the impact your claim has on your rights, and on the rights of Canadian veterans generally.

Other Questions?

Please inquire at coordinator@vlaf.ca.