Q: How will I know if I qualify?

If you meet the definition of a veteran by Veterans Affairs Canada, and if you have a legal matter involving a disability claim or other issue affecting veterans broadly, you should apply.

Q: I need legal help and I don’t have a lawyer. I don’t want to have to pay legal fees before I even know if my case qualifies. How do I find a lawyer who will help me apply?

You can do an online search for a lawyer in your area, or contact coordinator@vlaf.ca for a list of potential lawyers. You should not be billed to ask whether a lawyer is interested in helping you apply for funding.

Q: How long will I have to wait for an answer?

The VLAF Board meets monthly to decide upon all applications that have come in since the last meeting. We typically advise veterans shortly after that meeting.

Q: Is this geared towards low-income individuals only?

Not necessarily. While personal means will be considered, the Board members will be looking at the impact has on your rights and the rights of Canadian veterans generally.

Other Questions?

Please inquire at coordinator@vlaf.ca.