Veterans Legal Assistance Foundation to Support Additional Canadian Veterans’ Charities In Response to Covid-19 Impact

Halifax, NS – The Veterans Legal Assistance Foundation (“VLAF”) will donate funding to additional veterans’ charities in response to the effects of Covid-19 on the veteran community.

The foundation will fund Veterans Emergency Transition Services (“VETS Canada”) and Veterans UN-NATO Canada, immediately. Also, by enabling 20 frontline health workers to attend a November gala for the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands, VLAF will support The Royal Canadian Legion Benevolent Fund, The Society of Atlantic Heroes, Military Family Resource Centres, The Canadian Naval Memorial Trust and Paws Fur Thought. 

“This is a different time in our history, so it requires a different type of support,” said Peter Stoffer, former Member of Parliament and current VLAF Board Chair. “Canada’s veterans have many needs, but right now there is a greater need for the essentials.”

The Veterans Legal Assistance Foundation (“VLAF”) is a charitable organization that supports access to justice for Canadian veterans. VLAF funding originated from the SISIP Class Action settlement. The goal is to help veterans obtain the disability payments they have been denied, and rightfully deserve, so they can receive treatments, pay household bills and even thrive. 

Legal efforts take time and money, while many veterans continue to live in poverty – plagued by physical and mental health issues, homelessness and food insecurity. These conditions have been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

“We have always focused on helping veterans pursue disability claims, but Covid-19 has delayed most court activity,” said Peter Driscoll, lead counsel on the SISIP Class Action and founding VLAF Chair. “There are veterans who need food and housing even more now, so it’s a good time to redirect some resources.”

“We think these organizations have been doing a great job helping veterans,” said Mr. Stoffer. “We want to keep monitoring needs to see what else we can do.”

About Veterans Legal Assistance Foundation: 

The VLAF was established to provide Canada’s veterans with funding to reduce the burden of legal fees associated with administrative tribunals and courts. VLAF uses the definition of a veteran provided by Veterans Affairs Canada, and additionally embraces RCMP veterans.

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Sandra Goodwin
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Veterans Legal Assistance Foundation

About the additional veterans’ charities helped through VLAF donations:

Veterans Emergency Transition Services Canada:

Veterans UN-NATO Canada:

The Royal Canadian Legion Benevolent Fund:

The Society of Atlantic Heroes:

Military Family Resource Centres:

The Canadian Naval Memorial Trust:

Paws Fur Thought: